04/12/19 | Data Science Liège Meetup #10



4 december 2019 de 18h30-21h30

HEC Liège - Ecole de Gestion de l'Université de Liège, Rue Louvrex, Liège, Belgique


The mission of Data Science Liège is to offer a forum, upon which participants can leverage to federate data science initiatives, showcase projects and ideas, call for support and partnerships, disseminate knowledge and stimulate public awareness.


Participation is free but registration is required.


Data Science Liege Meetup's will be back on December 4 with three new topics:

  • How we built a Job Recommender SaaS for VDAB with Deep Learning  - Clément Ntwari Nshuti
  • Driving behavior modeling using smart phone sensor data - Bertrand Fontaine
  • Comment un business peut-il surperformer grâce à l’intelligence artificielle ? - Yves Colinet

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