21/06/19 | Petit déjeuner sur la gestion des Spare Parts


L’ABCAL et KPMG ont le plaisir de vous inviter au petit déjeuner d'entreprises
sur le thème suivant:


Les challenges et solutions dans la gestion
des Spare Parts


kpmg petit dejeuner SpareParts abcal

Spare parts are one of the most complex items to be managed. Spare part are often linked to high investments (financial and human efforts) and low inventory rotation. Indeed, it is difficult to do forecasting or manage inventory of spare part since most of them are used rarely but it is mandatory to have them on hand in order to shorten your maintenance lead time and guarantee your service level.
Spare parts management requires a good segmentation of your items based on several criteria, smart forecasting methods depending on product life cycle, trends and seasonality, structured and cleaned master data, respected and shared planning of your maintenance interventions and, finally, good inventory management.
During this breakfast session, we will share with you the challenges around spare parts management and how to create value out of it thanks to a combination of smart forecasting, planning, inventory management and master data management.


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