04/10/16 | Waterways for smart transport: Challenges & successes

Waterways for smart transport

Challenges & successes

4 October 2016, Ophem Castle, Belgium



Economic Seminar
Hosted by the European Diplomatic, Economic & Academic Centre (CIDIC)


Join us during a whole day to unlock opportunities offered by waterways transport
Learn from real cases and support your decision-making


The aim of the working seminar is to facilitate business relations in the inland waterways transport sector and to create awareness on the related opportunities considering its growth across Europe and the many competitive advantages it can offer compared to other means of transport.
Speakers and attendees will be representing diversity amongst the whole value chain including SMEs, start-ups, large companies, clusters, research groups, investment firms, pilots, operators, city distributors, authorities, etc.


Get actionable insights along the day
Start with interactive presentations providing key lessons learned, success stories, addressing challenges and failures and inspiring with innovation and trends.
Leading up to afternoon co-creation workshops (operation, finance and innovation) where participants will actively collaborate in subgroups on the topics of their choice to generate ideas, solve problems, improve working relationships or share feedbacks. Animated with professionals, our interactive workshops will stimulate the development of business opportunities and creativity through collaborative working.


Several questions will be addressed such as:
    •    Why inland waterways transport can also be profitable for SMEs?
    •    What are the operational constraints?
    •    What can be changed to ease the access to finance?
    •    How a city can benefit from waterways to improve urban transport?
    •    Is there room for tech startups in such environment?
    •    Why is it a growing transport mode across Europe?
    •    Why open data could benefit all stakeholders?
    •    How legislation can support the uptake?
    •    Should education and training be stimulated?


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