18/05/17 | BSMA EUROPE - 2nd Annual Conference


BSMA Europe - 18th of May 2017

Preparing Biopharma Supply chain Industry
for 2025 and beyond

Dolce la Hulpe Hotel (Brussels)

(Complimentary for biopharma manufacturers)

The life sciences and healthcare industries are currently dealing with a changing environment that has become more globalized, more complex, with increasing pressure on prices, reimbursements, lead time or risk management. In the meantime, innovation in sciences and technologies do bring new perspectives for the global health. Supply Chain industry is at the heart of those changes and has to deal with innovation and more complexity. How will we be prepared for tomorrow’s challenges? At the Bio Supply Management Alliance Europe event on May 18th (Brussels), we will prepare the future through outstanding keynote presentations, high level panel discussions and exchanges with top speakers and participants from around the world.

Join Bayer, Baxter, Novartis, Bio-Rad, Thermofisher, GSK, UCB, J&J, Illumina, Zoetis, MSD, MaSThercells, Promethera, Mölnlycke, Mithra and many more industry specialists that already signed up for the event.

The one of its kind global Bio Supply Management Alliance, a NGO that is present in US and Europe, will enhance some of the most strategic themes. Global Executives and practitioners will exchange on :

  • Clinical Trials Supply Chain – Clinical supplies sourcing: Are we going to one stop solutions? What does a one-stop shop really mean and is it always best for the client
  • Blockchain – what does it mean? How will it affect the healthcare industry?
  • Cold Chain - Temperature-Controlled and Cold Chain Supply Chain: Proven Technologies and Practices for Compliance
  • How to evolve in a more complex environment, facing more disruptions and facing new challenges such as geopolitical risks. Impact of Brexit
  • Lessons from a risk management perspective - insight from Bio-Rad Laboratories
  • Advancing the efficacy and integrity of supply chain - 360°C vision
  • Securing Extended Quality Standards within the Supply Chain of Pharmaceuticals
  • Preparing for tomorrow’s changes in supply chain – SC digitalization, data mining and BIG data
  • Creating Alignment in Supply Chain Management
  • The future of drug delivery
  • Life Sciences innovation and supply chain challenges
  • How hospitals and care centres will deal with collaboration and supply chain innovation? Needing to collaborate in order to optimize their activities, hospitals have to imagine new networks
  • Education and Supply Chain Talent Development – what is the future / what are next challenges
  • And many more to explore!

Join us in the lovely Dolce La Hulpe Hotel (Brussels) at the heart of "Foret de Soignes" - Registration on www.bsmaeurope.com/register


More infos about BSMA: www.bsmaeurope.com


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